Risk Disclaimer

RI Group does not provide financial services. RI Group carries out the purchase, sale, rental of real estate in Dubai in full compliance with the laws of the UAE in the face of ZENITH HOLIDAY HOMES RENTAL LLC, registered in the Department of Tourism and Commercial Marketing of Dubai (license number 727347) and ROS INVEST, registered in the Department of Economic Development of Dubai (license number 640057).


RI Group does not make investment recommendations for you. Information on this website or any other source of information from the company should not be construed as a recommendation for investment. If you are in a jurisdiction that prohibits you from investing in projects proposed on the site, you cannot use the site regroup.ae.


RI Group does not provide legal, financial or tax advice of any kind for you. If you have any questions regarding legal, financial or tax matters related to your interaction with the RI Group, you should consult with a professional consultant. All investments, including real estate, are at risk of losing investments. Investment results in the past do not determine future returns.

Possible risks when investing in any property

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